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At Lukewarm Media, I was the Lead UI Programmer for the initial release of Primal Carnage for the PC. As the Lead UI Programmer, I was responsible for programming most of the game’s UI, both the main menu UI and the in-game UI. The menu system had to be designed with multiple languages in mind, so I was also responsible for finding and implementing solutions that would keep the UI consistent and working across languages. When the UI work was finished, I assisted the programming team on fixing bugs and implementing features. For the next project the company was working on, I started prototyping AI and learning about UE4 in it’s beta stage.

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Here is a video by Total Biscuit showing the UI work I did when the game was released. Most of the UI shown in the video was programmed by me, with some assistance from the previous UI programmer. The UI has been changed since then for Primal Carnage: Extinction.

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